Our Program


Since 2014, Madworks has offered early-stage startups a 10-week program, comprising tailored mentorship on commercializing the entrepreneur’s product and/or service and building governance acumen. To date, we have helped over 100 early stage startups and look forward to working with our next cohort of 5 up-and-coming entrepreneurs starting in March 2022. In addition to receiving a $5,000 grant and connecting them to entrepreneurial leaders in the community, we ensure that these teams obtain a foundation in legal compliance, quality board management skills, and financial acumen.


Madworks will offer a program starting in March that will run 10 weeks to early mid-May. We will meet twice a week; once as a group, where we will discuss biggest challenges, hold pitch practices, and other group activities, and once individually, where we will spend 30 minutes discussing your exact needs and challenges. Most meetings will be held in person at StartingBlock, 821 E Washington Ave, Madison WI. Select mentor sessions may be held via Zoom. (Any virtual meetings are indicated on the calendar.)

Tentative Schedule for Spring 2022 (Subject to Change)


-Participate in all group and individual meetings. (LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!)*
-Participating teams to meet at StartingBlock Madison.**
-Individual company weekly milestones set on mutual agreement between founding teams and Madworks staff in weekly half-hour meetings, which will be held at a regularly scheduled time
-Ten-week commitment (one "bye" week in the middle, in addition to the 10 weeks of programming)
-$5,000 in grant and expense funding per participating team / access to shared desk space at StartingBlock during the program
-Using lean startup methods, participating teams will accelerate their understanding of marketplace needs and viability for their product
-Refine your pitch
-Identify next-round funding where appropriate
-Find additional mentors/advisers/resources
-Develop good governance procedures
-Develop financial statements and financial control procedures
-Part-time program; participating teams are expected to spend 20 hours per week on their venture (20 hrs/week total, NOT just for Madworks)

*SCHEDULING MESSAGE: We understand you may have work travel or other scheduling conflicts. These will be handled by the Madworks Program Manager on an individual basis. Contact support@madworksaccelerator.org to discuss further.

**COVID MESSAGE: At this time we are planning for an in-person Spring 2022 Madworks Program. We will follow all Public Health Madison & Dane County regulations and StartingBlock regulations.