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Madworks Founding Members




Anne Smith is a co-founder and prior Director of the UW Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic. She previously served as General Counsel for Winterthur US Holdings and Promega Corporation. Anne also runs a small family business and serves on boards of non-profits.

Terry Sivesind is a co-founder in a series of local biotech firms, including PanVera, Mirus, Metabiologics, Renovar and Cellectar. He was also an early employee at Promega. Terry was a co-founder of Wisconsin Investment Partners and MERLIN Mentors and he currently serves on the boards of several companies.

Eric Englund is co-founder of the UW Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic. Previously, he served as the President of WI Insurance Alliance, Executive Director of WI Society of Architects, and as a partner in a Madison law firm. Eric owns and operates a local business.

Madworks Program Director


Susie Younkle is Program Manager for Madworks Accelerator at StartingBlock. She manages the daily operations of MW, develops the curriculum, and oversees the teams during each ten-week session. Susie also runs startup mentoring service MERLIN Mentors, where she connects early stage entrepreneurs to experienced mentors. She has previous operational experience at multiple startups, primary focused in finance/accounting roles. Susie is passionate about volunteering in the community, and she serves in board leadership roles with several non-profit organizations. She is a graduate of UW-Madison's School of Business with a degree in Finance. Susie was the recipient of the Wisconsin Technology Council's 2023 Excellence in Entrepreneurial Education Award.